ABN AMRO | Bankbrede gesegmenteerde email marketing en marketing automation


Omnichannel marketing director/Email marketing consultant.


ABN AMRO needed to improve the customer experience in the email marketing channel. For reasons that they were limited by the technical capabilities of the online banking environment. And they still heavily relied on postal communication.


Marketing automation implementation and roll-out

We implemented the marketing automation solution at the Retail division and rolled it out to the other divisions, where some 150 employees are working with the tooling on a daily basis.

Back-end integration

To enable and enhance further personalization in the email communication we implemented integrations between the marketing automation platform and their central CRM and campaign systems.

Customer journey optimization

Besides facilitating straightforward email newsletter and promotional send-outs I also advised on customer a.k.a. buyer journey optimization to ensure higher conversion rates towards requesting quotations and new products.


  • Efficient email marketing operations with standard templates for dynamic content integration per send-out.
  • Optimized customer a.k.a. buyer journeys.
  • Periodical inspiration sessions on the latest trends in functionality, technology and conversion techniques, among which neuromarketing and Cialdini’s persuasion principles.


  • Digital transformation
  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Customer experience management
  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing

Operating territory

The Netherlands


2014 – 2017