Elsevier Science Direct : E-commerce strategie en webshop voor de MKB- en SOHO-markten in publishing


Elsevier Science Direct are selling – often expensive – subscriptions to scientific, regulatory and legal titles into public and commercial market segments. They had their eyes on the SME market which was unexplored turf up till that moment, as it was too costly to exploit this segment through their account managers.


Building an e-commerce channel

For that reason, I advised them to launch an e-commerce ‘self-service’ channel enabling SME-type visitors to purchase the products of their interest. To better match the financial spending power of the average SME customer we developed new products, i.e. single articles and bundles of articles or articles in combination with titles. Consequently, we designed, developed and implemented the SME e-commerce platform. the e-commerce platform was initially piloted to a limited set of customers.


  • An intuitive e-commerce platform for easy customer ordering.
  • A new commercial channel enabling Elsevier Science Direct to tap into a whole new market segment.


  • Digital disruption
  • Digital transformation
  • E-commerce
  • Customer experience management
  • User Experience design
  • Service design

Operating territory