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Driving business value with on-brand customer
experience, digital transformation,
and organizational change

What I do

I help bold brands and businesses become a better version of themselves. Drive growth. With branded customer experience. Realize a successful digital transformation. Including the organizational change. All with a tried and tested pragmatic approach. That yields short-term, sustainable results.

I’m a unicorn rather than a one-track pony. As one of the most versatile marketing and business executives out there, I fit into not just one but multiple boxes. A true asset for CMOs and (marketing) leadership teams who are destined for on-brand customer experience – (B)CX – and related growth.

That is what (B)CX is: a strong driver for growth and long-term value for all stakeholders. But how to make it come to life? A task that appears to be daunting for many. As CX impacts not only marketing but all business areas across the organization and supply chain.

CX means digital transformation means organization change. In ways of working, end-to-end processes, and roles. With a 25+ year track record in marketing, ‘digital’, organizational change and ICT I help you become (more) successful. As Busch Briar & Backwood: Me Myself & I.


Interim management

Leading and revitalizing a team or department. Increasing team performance. Or transformation towards a new, customer-oriented way of working. With a new operating model and new processes that drive better customer and employee experience. You want it.

Marketing consultancy

Pragmatic and smart advice on a strategic, tactical and operational level. With a clear customer experience ambition. And the digital transformation that’s needed to accomplish that. With a proven success approach, earlier successfully used with local and global brands.

Program management

With a vast number of ‘flight hours’ on the cross section of marketing (operations), data and ICT, I am the ideal MarketingOps. As a marketer I speak ICT language. And ensure overview and progress based on experience working across all disciplines and business functions.

Product owner

An experience stakeholder manager from C-level down to operations in global and small organizations. Who connects people to realize effective, agile execution based on a digital transformation roadmap. With a keen eye for short-term, scalable results.

Quick scans

A valuable pivot towards a crystal clear customer experience strategy and related digital transformation roadmap. Such as a user/customer experience scan (CRO). A super concrete customer journey map. Or an ICT ‘Fit for purpose’ check. A smooth start to shift up and live your ambition.

Second opinion

An expert opinion in case the execution of your strategy is not what you have in mind. Doubts about a recent marketing automation or data implementation. Or a need for an extra pair of experienced eyes to challenge any agency or technology vendor proposals.

“Strategy without execution is nothing but a dream”

Fast digital value digital transformation customer experience e-commerce CRM loyalty marketing automation

Fast digital value

I deliver results. Short-term ROI, with benefits scalable towards the longer run. With a proven success approach that has yielded promising and sometimes spectacular results for my previous clients. Lower operational costs, more efficient processes, higher turnover and increased brand value. A success approach based on 100s of programs, projects and campaigns for more than 45 brands in more than 20 different lines of business. The heart of my method: strategy made tangible. Down to a level where we will be able to execute. And, consequently, roll up our sleeves and get it done! Based on a transparent roadmap. With business and value case-driven priorities.

My motivation

As an input for new assignments I’ve had them in my hands quite often: strategic advisory reports from ‘The Big Boys’. Too abstract, not ready for execution. Or marketing automation projects nipped in the bud. Also striking: the lack of attention for people in the organization. As digital transformation usually means changing or new roles, processes and procedures. Rule of thumb in any relationship: when you are investing, you will be invested. That is why I help CMOs and their peers and Marketing leadership to validate their customer experience ambition and create a crystal clear strategy. Translate that into a digital transformation roadmap and ensure we execute.

Marketing multitool

To successfully increase your customer experience and accelerate the related digital transformation and organizational change, you need more than a one-track pony: A CRM, loyalty or marketing automation specialist. Someone experienced in either e-commerce or brand communication. Or professionals who master ICT or data. Instead, you need a marketing multitool: a MarketingOps with experience in all domains. Who speaks the ICT language. A benefit: I am a ‘hit the ground running’ type of guy who connects people. Rolls up his sleeves. From effective analyses leading to concrete plans and roadmaps with clear prios in execution. A firestarter with a high energy level.

Eager to learn more? Let’s have a call, video-chat or send me an e-mail.

Thinks ‘customer experience’. Already since 1993.


The status quo is not an option. There is always room for better.


Drills down to the core fast. Hits the ground running.

Maintains strong overview of plans’ organizational impact.


Keen eye for new opportunities. Executes concepts and ideas.


Brings a strong drive, relentless energy and a positive vibe.

Experience and expertise

It is human for people to to put things and other people in imaginary boxes. As it feels fine to label things around you to make it comprehensible. Nevertheless, in case you have the ambition to deliver that perfect customer experience and realize the related digital transformation, a one-trick pony won’t do the job. That calls for a jack of all trades.

Customer experience

Marketing strategy, customer journey map, strategic roadmap, ICT impact analysis, business and value cases, change management. For i.a. global brand Stokke and IJsvogel Retail.

Digital transformation

From ICT impact analysis to implementation roadmap, data strategy, agile development and implementation and related change management. For i.a.: Nederlandse Loterij and global brand Royal IHC.

CRM, loyalty & membership

Design, development, implementation and roll-out of CRM strategy and loyalty programs, including 360° customer data profiles and back-end integration. For i.a. Tommy Hilfiger and Cadillac.

Brand communication

Heading global operations, campaign calendar and budget, creative briefing, omnichannel strategy, concept development, campaign assets (digital and offline) development. For i.a. Grolsch and Vacanceselect.


E-commerce strategy, capture functional and technical requirements, quality improvement UX and visual design, fulfillment processes, implementation. For i.a. Bugaboo and Elsevier.

Marketing automation

Capture functional and technical requirements and criteria, RFI/RFP guidance, marketing automation technology implementation and incremental development. For i.a. Marel and Volkswagen.

Service design

User experience (UX) and visual design optimization, change management concerning end-to-end processes and procedures, conversion rate optimization (CRO). For i.a. global brands Stokke and KLM Cargo.

Customer data

Breaking down data silos, customer data assessment, 360º customer profile creation, internal and external data source integration, CRM and CDP implementation. For i.a. global brand Rijksmuseum and ARTIS Amsterdam Zoo.




Jaren ervaring in 'Digital'


Omnichannel strategiëen


Digitale & omnichannel projecten

Industry experience

  • Retail
  • FMCG
  • CPG
  • Fashion
  • Sports
  • Automotive
  • Travel & leisure
  • Media & entertainment
  • Aviation/airlines
  • Professional services
  • Logistics/supply chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Banking & insurance
  • Real estate
  • Consumer services
  • Gaming & gambling
  • Not for profit
  • Healthcare
  • Government


The companies that cater for my services and those I worked with in 100’s of programs, projects and campaigns, are local and global brands. Active in B2C and B2B. Where I have worked client- as well as client advisory- and agency-side. What they have in common, is they all have a focus on optimizing their customer experience and contribute to the required digital transformation.

 Stokke - Customer experience marketing global brand communication digital transformation


Global brand communication management and implementation insights-driven way of working

Dutch Lottery - CRM customer experience marketing digital transformation

Nederlandse Loterij

Agile and efficient CRM team and a clear MarTech implementation roadmap



New business processes make more efficient campaign planning and better campaigns



Concrete project roadmap to improve customer experience and accelerate commercial growth

ARTIS - CRM customer experience strategy ICT asssesment

ARTIS | Amsterdam ZOO

CRM strategy and ICT assessment as the foundation towards loyal visitors and sponsors

Marel | Customer experience, inbound marketing automation en digital transformation in B2B


Customer experience optimization for inbound marketing in B2B

Brand activation and marketing automation as the driver for e-commerce Nike TEAM sales


Brand activation, marketing automation and e-commerce to drive Nike TEAM sales

Penfield Digital | Brand en market proposition voor een customer experience en marketing automation bureau

Penfield Digital

A brand and market proposition for a new omnichannel marketing agency

Wereld van Windmolens | Brand proposition en marketing plan voor het nieuwe museum

De Zaansche Molen

Brand positioning and marketing plan for a new museum brand World of Windmills

Beequip | Pragmatische groeistrategie voor een optimale customer experience in de totale customer journey


A growth strategy leading towards an ideal brand experience in the entire customer journey

Akzo Nobel | Change management 'agile tribe governance' voor een wereldwijd digital transformation programma

Akzo Nobel

Change management concerning the 'Tribe governance' for a global digital transformation program

Pets Place | CRM strategy en customer loyalty programma in omni-channel retail

Pets Place

Through a CRM strategy and a loyalty program to omnichannel customer engagement

Tommy Hilfiger Europe | Pan-Europees customer loyalty programma gericht op customer experience en brand engagement in fashion retail

Tommy Hilfiger

Building and implementing the pan-European MyTommy loyalty program rewarding members upon brand engagement

Raet | Roll-out plan voor een customer experience en thought leadership strategie


Roll-out plan for a data-driven customer intimacy and thought leadership strategy

Nationale Postcode Loterij | Data-driven email marketing en marketing automation

Nationale Postcode Loterij

Segmented, data-driven email marketing and full-service email operations

ABN AMRO | Bankbrede gesegmenteerde email marketing en marketing automation


Bank-wide segmented email marketing and marketing automation back-end integration

Rijks Museum | CRM strategy en omnichannel marketing plan gericht op bezoekersloyaliteit

Rijks Museum

Developing the CRM and omnichannel marketing strategy to boost customer experience

Volkswagen | Optimaliseren customer experience via marketing automation en data-driven email marketing

Volkswagen (Pon Automotive)

Personalized email marketing and marketing automation to drive brand engagement in pre- and post-sales

Royal IHC | E-commerce portal, business en loyalty marketing strategie in B2B

Royal IHC

Building and implementing a loyalty marketing and overall business strategy for the spare parts market

Wereldwijde e-commerce strategie en roadmap


Developing a worldwide e-commerce strategy including implementation advice and business case

Rabobank | Digital disruption in banking with a data-driven experience


A data-driven business concept to support clients in achieving their personal and financial goals

Praxis | Loyalty marketing programma voor een optimale customer experience


Developing an omnichannel loyalty marketing strategy and program

Renault | CRM and loyalty marketing strategy for an immersive buyer en customer experience


A CRM strategy for the perfect buyer and customer experience

Caillac | CRM strategy, loyalty marketing and omnichannel marketing campaigns


Europe-wide crm strategy,, loyalty marketing and omnichannel campaigns

Grolsch | Loyalty marketing and consumer activation platform in FMCG


Consumer loyalty program and activation campaigns for a better brand experience and consumer engagement

Van loyaliteitsstrategie en -programma naar een gepersonaliseerde customer experience in travel


A personalized customer experience with a loyalty marketing strategy and program

Elsevier Science Direct : E-commerce strategie en webshop voor de MKB- en SOHO-markten in publishing

Elsevier Science Direct

E-commerce strategy and platform development to target the SOHO and SME segments

Service design en CRM voor een optimale customer experience in telecom

Telfort / O2

A CRM end-to-end process providing customers the best possible brand experience

KLM Cargo - User experience en service design voor een optimale customer experience in de luchtvaart

KLM Cargo

Digital as the enabler for a transparent internal pricing and performance-based contracts

Schiphol - Digital transformation strategie voor additionele omzetstromen en een optimale customer experience in retail


A new, digital disruptive growth strategy for the Passengers Division

Commodore | Service design in logistiek en supply chain management van duurzame consumptiegoederen


Setting up and managing the logistics & supply chain management operation

IBM/Nedlloyd | Digital transformation en service design in supply chain management


Digital transformation for a better competitive position in the market for 3PL supply chain services


Here at Stokke we have had the great pleasure of working with Gerben for two key projects. The first one was to develop a key process in Global Marketing, enabling us to deliver strong communication to many markets across the globe. Gerben was instrumental in designing a brand process enabling both global and regional marketing to create and deploy campaigns to support the business and strengthening the brand. The second project that Gerben took on was stepping in as our interim Global Communication Director for almost a year. Gerben has been leading a great international team of marketers across different locations and together with them delivering global campaigns, events etc. Throughout this period Gerben was also involved in strengthening our global creative agency, implementing a new brand platform as well as supporting integration of newly acquired brands. Gerben has done a very good job. He is very liked by the Stokke organization and to us in Marketing he quickly became an important member of the Stokke family.

Helene Abel HansenCMO @ Stokke

I had the pleasure of working with Gerben while he was helping Stokke plan out their marketing roadmap for the upcoming years. Gerben is a smart, well organized, insightful, and transparent partner that not only helps move the work through the system, but also helps it get better along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Gerben and look forward to hopefully doing it again in the future!

David NewsomeBrand Director @ B-REEL (Stokke's creative agency)

During my time as CRM director at PVH, I have come to know Gerben as a valuable counterpart. Together with his team he implemented our CDP as the core of our customer program, The Hilfiger Club. He clearly understood our business needs as a global fashion retailer where he balanced business needs versus technical requirements and capabilities, speaking both marketing and ICT language. At times challenging his own team to implement the solution right. And acting as a counterpart for our Global ICT. Of course, with these kinds of implementations things can get strenuous and hectic with deadlines in view. But he handled that pretty well, at all times keeping an overview on how to move forward. Also connecting other data sources over time went considerably smooth. And, what’s important as well, he is a nice person to work with.

Ewa BadarukDirector CRM, Loyalty & Customer analytics @ PVH (Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein)

Gerben helped us with the design and development of the CRM strategy and, together with his team, the implementation of our customer program, the VIP Club. As my own role was relatively new to me, I was more than happy with Gerben’s involved CRM coaching style. Remarkable for me was he not only has extensive experience on the marketing side of CRM, but also shows a deep understanding of how you set up and implement a customer program from IT point of view. That showed in how he translated our business needs into technical specifications and the way he managed the development teams as he speaks their language. I really enjoyed working with him.

Jessica LangenbergCRM Manager @ IJsvogel Retail (Pets Place & Boerenbond)

I worked with Gerben for almost 10 years. A period where he proved some extraordinary skills. From strategic deep-dives up till including implementation, Gerben helps you in a pleasant and hands-on manner. His productivity is remarkable where large amounts of information and work are concerned. And he always delivers according to planning and budget. Reliability is one of Gerben’s most important key values. Where the boardroom consultants hold their horses, Gerben goes on and makes strategies tangible: a clear roadmap and implementation plan for the marketing team, in order to make concrete steps and book progress. Hands-on. Equally important, Gerben is a great guy to work with. A ‘man on a mission’, but with a big heart. I can truly recommend Gerben for any program or project with a mix of strategy, branding, digital transformation, crm or data. A bold move to start as an entrepreneur. Go get ‘em Gerben.

Philip KokCEO The Valley

I have worked with Gerben since he joined Bookmark back in 2005, where he managed to elevate the digital and omnichannel maturity of our most important clients and played an important role in improving agency operations as well. At The Valley I have come to know him again as a solid and reliable agency pillar in a range of different roles. Gerben is someone with a strong drive, lots of energy and he is a skilled writer. And, I have come to know him as someone who always delivers quality. I recommend Gerben to any professional organization.

Auke MeijerCFO/COO The Valley

One of Gerben’s qualities I really value and appreciate is the high level of quality he delivers in designing strategy, planning in execution and benchmarking service design projects. His proposals are always crystal clear and to the point. With eye for the essence ánd the relevant details. And, his proposals come with a true narrative. A absolute added value in business development.

Brian OostenbrinkCXO The Valley

Working with Gerben on GM's Cadillac, Corvette & Hummer business was a wonderful experience. He developed some brilliant & impactful European CRM strategies for the brands while in his role at Bookmark that helped us immensely with developing the client relationship at ACT. Gerben understands the true art of client service, and when combined with his strategic thinking on customer contact, lead generation & brand activation he becomes an amazing asset to any business.

Samuel TaitManaging Director media transformation Dentsu Aegis Network