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After starting with email send-outs, Tommy Hilfiger wanted to create a consistent, multi-channel user experience for customers and fans. With the aim to create a stronger brand loyalty and an increase in sales.


MyTommy, a pan-European loyalty program

MyTommy is Tommy Hilfiger Europe’s customer loyalty program. It has been running in 28 countries across Europe since 2009. MyTommy has over 7 million active members (early 2019) spending their euros on products across all divisions. The program not only supports multiple webshops. It also supports over 250 owned & operated stores as well as more than 70 franchises.

Creating the basis

Working at another agency at the time I was involved and responsible during 2007-2008 for what turned out to be the basis for the current customer loyalty program. At the time we started cleansing the heavily polluted customer database. And developed a dynamic email newsletters template. This enabled us to efficiently create email send-outs in a wide range of country/language variations.

Birth and expansion of the customer loyalty program

These email send-outs were quite successful. That was the reason to make the next step: build it into a pan-European customer loyalty program in 2009. Over a 9-year period, we have been at the heart of the MyTommy program, connecting some 20 systems/data sources. Among them IBM Websphere, SAP/Hana, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud and DMP. We connected these data sources through a customer data platform (CDP). Thus, we created a central, 360-degree customer profile. On an ongoing basis, the CDP cleans, harmonizes and enriches individual customer profiles upon actual behavior on both offline an digital customer touchpoints. These updated profiles result into so-called next best actions (NBAs). They trigger campaigns or communication in relevant channels or channels of individual customer preference.

On top of that, we created predictive algorithms calculating i.a. the likelihood of email newsletter subscribers to make their first purchase. Customers to make a repeat purchase or return an order. And the projected customer lifetime value. Also, the CDP dashboard shows business performance on defined KPIs. From a generic to an individual customer level as well as a detailed drill-down on defined personas.


  • A successful customer loyalty program with over 7 million members by early 2019 and growing every day.
  • MyTommy members receiving personalized and relevant promotions and information based on their in-store and webshop purchases as well as their engagement with the Tommy Hilfiger brand.
  • Detailed insights into individual customer behavior with predictive models projecting future purchases.
  • MyTommy members who spend on average some 48% more with each purchase than customers who did not enroll in the program.


  • Digital transformation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Loyalty marketing
  • CRM
  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Customer experience management
  • E-commerce
  • Marketing automation
  • Big data/artificial intelligence

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Europe & USA


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