Akzo Nobel | Change management 'agile tribe governance' voor een wereldwijd digital transformation programma


Akzo Nobel initiated a worldwide digital transformation program with a dual objective: Providing a digital environment where consumers and business customers are supported in their needs. And at the same time transform the organization to create a customer- instead of product-driven mindset. Not individual brands and products will be the starting point for any customer journey but the job or project at hand with the material needed to execute.


Optimization agile way of working

The worldwide digital transformation program is being executed using the agile way of working, where 5 individual teams are each responsible for a specific market segment and the development of Akzo Nobel’s new digital customer platform. These teams are governed by a so-called Tribe that coordinates all agile team and cross-team sprint activities to optimize production velocity.

During a fixed period I optimized the way of working, reducing the time needed to run the Tribe as efficiently and effectively as possible.


  • Improvements for implementation to optimize the Tribe operations.
  • Reduction in time spends in the Tribe Coordinator role to ensure a smooth, efficient and effective agile (cross-)team operations.


  • Program management
  • Change management
  • Tribe coordination
  • Agile way of working
  • Business operations

Operating territory