Raet | Roll-out plan voor een customer experience en thought leadership strategie


Raet is active in the market for Human Resources and payroll solutions. They acknowledged that steps were necessary to create a better customer experience to attract and retain customers, because of fiercer competition trying to buy a share into their traditional markets. And to enter into new market segments.


Developing a pragmatic, strategic customer engagement implementation roadmap

Based on Raet’s marketing strategy built on customer intimacy and thought leadership I developed a pragmatic roll-out plan, answering 3 overall questions: how to optimize the customer journey? How to deploy Raet’s customer intimacy strategy and what projects do we need to define in which specific order? And, how can we penetrate new market segments?

A plan addressing short-, medium-, and long-term actions

With the customer journey as the starting point, I created a roadmap building on an indispensable component in any customer intimacy strategy: a clear brand proposition and a central customer profile. In combination with effective, personalized communication via dynamic email newsletter and promotional email templates. Followed by detailing plans for the relevant customer intimacy sub-domains.


  • A concrete and pragmatic strategic roll-out plan, addressing short-, medium- and long-term projects as well as the customer intimacy sub-domains that need further planned detailing.
  • A plan providing the ‘tools’ to take specific follow-up decisions and actions.


  • Digital disruption
  • Digital transformation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Customer experience management
  • Marketing automation
  • Big data/artificial intelligence

Operating territory

The Netherlands