Schiphol - Digital transformation strategie voor additionele omzetstromen en een optimale customer experience in retail


Management consultant/E-business consultant.


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s business unit Passengers, responsible for Parking, Schiphol Plaza and See Buy Fly, was looking for new revenue streams. The BU manager was in need of a strategic plan showing new potential income using the potential of ‘digital’.


Digital as the driver for new revenue streams

In a 2-month assignment, we developed in a team of 3 disruptive business concepts with ‘digital’ as the driver. To the extent possible, we supported each concept with a high-level business case. Some of the concepts we advised were implemented years later, e.g. ordering your tax free products online with a pick-up behind customs. Or separate pick-up of your luggage from home and an iris scan for fast onboarding.


  • Concrete growth plan for Parking, Schiphol Plaza and See Buy Fly showing potential money makers including business case (to the extent possible).
  • A McKinsey team, that delivered boardroom level consultancy, frequently used our findings and advice to process them in their advisory report.


  • Digital disruption
  • Digital transformation
  • Strategic consulting

Operating territory

The Netherlands