Commodore | Service design in logistiek en supply chain management van duurzame consumptiegoederen


After the bankruptcy of Commodore as a game computer brand, Escom purchased the Commodore trademarks to launch Commodore as a personal computer brand under its own wings. For that purpose, a separate legal entity was founded.


Building the logistics operations from scratch

In the management team, I had the responsibility to build the logistics operations from scratch. Setting up the physical warehouse and order handling process, implementing warehouse and logistics automation, building the Logistics Department team and closing out service level agreements with both suppliers and clients.

Managing day-to-day logistics

I managed day-to-day operations of the 15 FTE Logistics Department with 2 direct reports. As a member of the management team, I continuously liaised with my sales and procurement counterparts to optimize warehouse and pipeline inventory. During our first year we shipped Commodore PC products in excess of EUR 65 million (until the Escom board filed for bankruptcy).


  • Logistics infrastructure ready to receive and dispatch purchase and sales orders respectively.
  • Highly motivated team that maintained high-quality standards in day-to-day operations.
  • Shipping sales orders in excess of EUR 65 million in first year of operation.


  • Supply chain management
  • Logistics
  • Supply & demand planning
  • Service management
  • Service design/business process redesign
  • Operational management

Operating territory



1995 – 1996