Grolsch | Loyalty marketing and consumer activation platform in FMCG


Grolsch had just moved their sponsoring activities from movie to music and was in need of a plan that would generate more and demonstrable results.


Consumer activation

For building a stronger Grolsch brand we developed quite some consumer activation campaigns to foster brand preference and stimulate trial and consumption. Examples were the Grolsch Noaber and Premium Weizen introduction campaigns.

Customer loyalty concept

With Grolsch moving sponsorship activities from movie to music, supporting event such as Sensation White, Mysteryland, Lowlands and North Sea Jazz, we developed the Grolsch Music loyalty concept. The promise: buy Grolsch, collect points, redeem them for merchandise and be a winner of mindblowing incentives, like a meet-and-greet with your favourite DJ, being picked up from home with a helicopter or, together with your friends, driven home after the event in a stretched limo.

How it worked

A website was the core of the loyalty platform. Here one was able to create an account, staying up to date about upcoming music events and enjoy concert registration after movies. Unique codes were printed under bottle caps and the tab of tins. With each specific type of lager and beer coming with a unique code range. Entering these codes in you profile added up to points collected, that could be redeemed in a special merchandising webshop. For each event winners were drawn to enjoy a VIP treatment.


  • Increase in market share in a declining lager market.
  • High level of consument engagement, with the ‘Pour your perfect Premium Weizen’ game played more than 700,000 times.
  • More than 300,000 registered Grolsch customers in pilot year 1
  • Deep insights in socio-demographics, music and specific lager or beer preferences and brand engagement.


  • Marketing strategy
  • CRM
  • Customer experience management
  • Loyalty marketing
  • Consumer activation
  • Brand engagement
  • Creative concepting
  • Consumer insights
  • Marketing automation
  • Big data/artificial intelligence

Operating territory

The Netherlands


2005 – 2007