Marel | Customer experience, inbound marketing automation en digital transformation in B2B


Marel, a global equipment manufacturer for the fish, poultry and meat processing industry, wanted to roll out their inbound marketing strategy. The goal: better support interested leads with relevant content. Score and grade them based on their interaction with that content. And hand them, as so-called Sales Qualified Leads, over to sales managers for further lead nurturing and follow-up. Marel were not confident that their current Salesforce Pardot/Sales Cloud implementation was capable of doing so. Therefore, they asked for a health check on their most important customer touchpoints and technical infrastructure.


Technical assessment

An assessment of Marel’s ICT architecture revealed that both Pardot and  Salesforce Sales Cloud were not implemented correctly to support the roll-out of Marel’s inbound marketing strategy. Our advisory report showed what changes need to be made in both applications to be prepared for a successful inbound marketing execution.

Implementation roadmap

Based on Marel’s inbound marketing strategy, I facilitated 2 customer journey mapping sessions to surface Marel’s ambition as well as unused opportunities. Our advisory report came with a technical implementation roadmap aiming at a more integrated technical infrastructure to work on for both Marketing, Sales and Service. And enabling them to follow up on leads through all relevant channels, such as trade shows, social media and their website.

User experience assessment

In addition to the technical side, I also performed a user experience assessment on and their current emails from the angle of conversion optimization and the website as the ideal platform for lead funneling.


  • Concrete set of technical measures to prepare both Pardot and Salesforce Sales Cloud for supporting the roll-out of the inbound marketing strategy.
  • Technical implementation roadmap.
  • Customer experience optimization advice re. and Marel’s email templates.
  • Customer journey map yielding a complete overview of opportunities for improvement of the overall customer experience.
  • Pragmatic advisory report in 5 weeks time, enabling Marel’s leadership to take specific decisions.


  • Digital transformation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Inbound marketing
  • Customer experience management
  • User experience design
  • Service design
  • Marketing automation