Rijks Museum | CRM strategy en omnichannel marketing plan gericht op bezoekersloyaliteit


In 2014 the Rijksmuseum welcomed 2.4 million visitors. The board wanted to continue that success. Their goal was to attract Amsterdam and Dutch residents as well as international visitors. With the aim to turn the earlier target groups into recurring visitors with the central question: how can we attract those who visit museums frequently when on holiday but incidentally go to any museum when at home.


CRM and omnichannel marketing strategy with a pragmatic implementation roadmap

First I researched the personas representing individual visitor groups. Then I started working on an omnichannel lead generation mechanism fostering visitors to make themselves known for further follow-up. And then created the customer journeys from different customer touchpoints for e.g. buying tickets and merchandise in the (online) museum shop, participate in competitions, including Rijks Studio. Including user experience and content optimization advice on the website and Rijks Studio, next to all other channels such as the museum location, email and social.

Another strategy ‘chapter’ was a plan to create an omnichannel ICT infrastructure connecting the cash register/ticketing system with the online ticket shop, webshop, marketing automation platform, mobile app, social channels and Rijksstudio, implementing a customer data platform (CDP) to create an always actual single customer profile as the source for any kind of personalized marketing and communication.

Parallel data-driven email marketing programs

As some within the organization were not by default in favor of a new strategy I decided to create 2 projects to run in parallel with the CRM and omnichannel marketing strategy project. The first was to start with segmented emailing, as email is a low-threshold pivot towards a full-blown CRM and omnichannel strategy. Not a bad move as it proved a rather interesting ROI in additional ticket sales for the Modern Times exhibition.

The second one was a data-driven event flow around the Late Rembrandt exhibition. Those buying tickets online received a range of service emails pointing them to e.g. buying the catalog, downloading the mobile app, taking the Rembrandt boat tour and logistics around their visit. Not a bad move at all, as it generated a lot of positive visitor feedback as well as a substantial gain in the number of email newsletter subscribers.


  • Data-driven projects alongside the development of Rijksmuseum’s strategy showed an ROI of 1000%+ as well as a positive NPS and gain in the number of email registrations.
  • A pragmatic strategic plan, ready for implementation, including required ICT infrastructure.
  • A concrete omnichannel lead generation plan.
  • Customer journeys and journey optimization advice.


  • Digital disruption
  • Digital transformation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Customer experience management
  • CRM
  • Loyalty marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Big data/artificial intelligence
  • Email marketing

Operating territory

The Netherlands


2015 – 2016