ARTIS - CRM customer experience strategy ICT asssesment


ARTIS formulated a new strategy with a new market proposition where ARTIS Park, Micropia, the Planetarium, the Botanic Garden, and the soon to be opened Groote Museum will play an important role. Within that context, a CRM strategy needs to be implemented. With a concrete question: how to optimize our ICT infrastructure to make it fit for supporting the roll-out of our strategy?


Customer experience/CRM ambition

To answer that question, it is important to determine your ambition. With an answer to questions such as “what are the brand values that will be present in all marketing and communications?”and “how do these brand values translate into the customer experience you want to offer at each of the customer touchpoints in terms of functionality and content?”. Together with a core team, I mapped the customer journeys for the most important personas. And, consequently, set priorities.

Taking functional and technical requirements

The next step was to capture the functional and user requirements. Doing so, I took into consideration both current restrictions employees are running into and their ambition. Obviously, all departments and teams within the organization were consulted to get a comprehensive and complete picture.

ICT ‘fit for purpose’ assessment

For the execution of your CRM strategy, a 360-degree customer/visitor profile is crucial. Hence, I performed a ‘fit for purpose’ check on the most important applications in the current ICT landscape. Looking at current capabilities and restrictions. Resulting in high-over advice as to what type of application to purchase.

Data governance & knowledge management

One of the topics in my advice is how to deal with data governance: how to ensure you always work with the most recent and up-to-date data at all times. And at the same time be GDPR compliant? The aspect of knowledge embedding and sharing is also important to ensure continuity within the organization.


  • Ambition, customer journeys and priorities set.
  • Complete picture as to functional and user requirements within the entire organization.
  • ‘Fit for purpose’ check on current ICT infrastructure.
  • High-over advice as to type of application to be purchased.
  • Data governance and knowledge embedding and sharing advice.
  • RFP document for phase 2, the vendor selection.


  • Strategy
  • CRM
  • Customer experience
  • Marketing automation
  • ICT
  • Service design
  • Program management
  • Change management


The Netherlands