Brand activation and marketing automation as the driver for e-commerce Nike TEAM sales


Nike TEAM had the ambition to capitalize on its partnership with the French national soccer association, the FFF. They developed the ‘grassroots meets greatness’ campaign, aiming at closing the gap between amateur soccer players and their icons of the national soccer team. For that purpose, Nike TEAM developed a product line that is affordable for every purse.


Digital brand activation campaign

With my team, we developed a digital brand activation campaign, using the power of marketing automation technology. Using the amateur soccer club contacts of the FFF, we activated club representatives to register and redeem their incentive, 2 free training soccer goals.

Customized webshop for online ordering

After registration, club representatives had access to an appealing digital product catalog. Here they were able to order the kits for their soccer teams.

The customized webshop as the successor of a digital retail catalog

The customized webshop for amateur soccer clubs was built on a predecessor. A digital tool, replacing the traditional paper catalog. It enabled retailers to bring better customer experience to soccer club representatives, where they were able to compose the team kits, including crest and embellishment. The team kits of choice were converted into a pdf quotation. After approval, they were able to directly process the order in the right sizes, depleting both retailer and Nike TEAM stock.

Strategic customer journey map to grow loyalty for Nike among amateur soccer players

Following the activation campaign, we supported Nike TEAM to develop a strategic customer journey map. The ratio behind it is to create loyalty between individual amateur soccer players and Nike with the aim to develop a strong bond and generate cross-sell opportunities. A wide range of potential services was prioritized and laid down in an implementation roadmap.


  • The brand activation campaign generated an ROI of 6,100%, representing multimillion-euro sales.
  • Interest from other national soccer associations.
  • A generic concept to be rolled out to other countries and sports.


  • Digital transformation
  • Brand activation
  • Marketing automation
  • E-commerce
  • Customer journey mapping

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