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Rabobank, once the #1 in mobile banking was surpassed by ABN AMRO and ING. Their aim was to take over the top position again. For that purpose, they formed a project team that had been working on a plan for 9 months, but without the desired outcome. That is where they called in the help of The Valley where I worked at the time.


Pressure cooker strategy development

Being a member of a team of four, we developed the strategic business concept in an extremely short fortnight timeframe where an agile way of working contributed to the high velocity and quality of output. With loads of documentation to work through, we created 4 strategic scenarios for the Rabobank project team to choose from. We elaborated on the scenario of their choice that we called Rabobank Senses.

Rabobank Senses: the concept

Rabobank Senses is a data-driven business concept that supports customers in achieving their financial goals they set throughout individual lifecycle stages, e.g. early retirement or saving for their children’s university study. Based on the actual market conditions and goal status back-end systems push so-called ‘stimuli’, messages via a mobile user interface towards individual customers with current standings or advice or actions to follow up.

Board approval and proof of concept

We visualized the concept and added a strategic rationale to present it to the project team and, finally, to the Board of Rabobank Netherlands. Which resulted in a ‘go’ for a proof of concept within 2 months after the start of the project. We developed an intuitive mobile application containing 10 customer journeys that we tested among the freelancer target group. The proof of concept tested successfully, with Rabobank deciding to roll it out in a dressed-down version.

Financial dashboard for global CFOs

Following the success of the proof of concept and the short project timelines, thanks to an agile project approach Rabobank International asked us to help them develop a mobile financial dashboard portal to support CFOs of their internationally and globally operating clients.


  • A new strategic business concept, Rabobank Senses, developed in 4 weeks time, including visualization and strategic rationale.
  • A successful pilot project with 10 customer journeys in a mobile application for the freelancer target group.
  • The current Rabobank mobile app was developed upon the user experience and visual design of the pilot.
  • As a consequence of the successful pilot, Rabobank International asked us to develop a mobile environment for CFOs of their clients operating on an international/global scale.


  • Digital disruption
  • Digital transformation
  • Strategic consulting
  • Marketing strategy
  • Customer experience management
  • Service design
  • User experience design
  • Big data/artificial intelligence
  • Marketing automation

Operating territory

The Netherlands/Worldwide