Wereldwijde e-commerce strategie en roadmap


Bugaboo, the famous up-market stroller manufacturer selling into 38 worldwide markets at the time, were still heavily reliant on sales through their retail partner channel. To boost growth in sales they wanted to build their own online sales channel and, hence, needed a strategic plan.


Intensive desk and field research

A high-intensity research phase – both desk and field research in some local markets – revealed i.a. stroller market trends, general retail marketing developments, Bugaboo customer characteristics, and the competitive market place.

Developing a worldwide e-commerce strategy

Overall advice was to launch their e-commerce activities with no restrictions without jeopardizing the relationship Bugaboo has with their retail partners (avoid potential channel conflicts). The strategy included a mechanism as a cost-saver for Bugaboo and at the same time reward the retailer for time and effort to generate Bugaboo sales for people eventually ordering their stroller via the Bugaboo e-commerce platform. And it entailed an overall omnichannel marketing approach to position Bugaboo as the leading brand in the high-end stroller market.

Addressing e-commerce functional areas

The plan includes advice with regards to the product portfolio and distribution strategy, pricing strategy, an assumption-based high-over e-commerce platform implementation plan including (roll-out) planning as well as points of interest in supply chain and operations, customer services, ICT and Legal. And a business case including 3 different scenarios.


  • Worldwide e-commerce strategy including high-over roll-out plan for e-commerce related business functions.
  • Approval by the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board right at the end of the e-commerce strategy presentation, 4 months after the start of the project.


  • Digital disruption
  • Digital transformation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Customer experience management
  • E-commerce
  • Service design

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